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It’s Ok to Speak Your Mind As Long As You’re Willing to Accept the Consequences

I prefer people saying what’s on their mind, even if it’s racist, homophobic, xenophobic, or whatever. To be clear, this ABSOLUTELY does NOT mean I want to be friends with or even interact with these types of people. But rather, I’m lazy, so it helps me to quickly decide who I’d like to interact with instead of having to play some verbal cat and mouse game that often ends in disappointment and/or disgust.

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Good Intentions with Crappy Execution

On one side of the coin there are people with a bit of a liberal streak attempting to create a new way we talk about everything, from someone’s gender to creating safe spaces where some words are outright banned altogether. From my understanding, these new methods of communication are meant as a way not only to protect certain marginalized communities, but also as a way to alleviate discomfort within some when talking about certain, often politically charged topics.

Oswalt speaks from the heart about listening to others who speak from their heart in his Netflix special “Talking for Clapping.” Haven’t been able to find a replacement video, but you’re more than welcome to check out this bit at around the 21:41 mark on the special if you have Netflix.
Carlin made a point by pointing out that it’s the context in which supposed “bad words” are used and the people who use these “bad words” that should be put under scrutiny, not the actual words themselves.
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Talking Shit to Cause Trouble

Speaking of the people behind saying certain derisive words, this brings us to the other side of the political spectrum, where folks with more conservative leanings tend to say dumb &/or racist things they believe are provocative, but then hide behind labels of satire, performance art or free speech.

“If what you choose to say or write gets you banned from a community, yelled at, fired from your job, or called mean names, your right to free speech is not being violated. You are just receiving the karmic consequences of using your free speech to advocate for hate. There are places in the world where free speech is truly being suppressed. Your Twitter account is not one of them. Your college campus is not one of them. Use your free speech to show solidarity with those who are actually being oppressed instead.”

If you’re going to be espousing racist beliefs in public, then you shouldn’t be all that surprised if others may react to your words like the dude with sunglasses in this video. Or if you can’t watch the video, there is a link here that describes what happened in the video.

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