Gratitude to Divine Timing

They Say Timing is Everything…

I am grateful for the divine timing that I’m able to continue to somehow tap into after all these years, especially in the last few. This may sound a little granola woo-woo for some, but I can assure you there is a certain timing of things I continue to witness in my life that I have no other explanation for other than to call divine timing.

I’ve wrestled for several years to explain this concept, because on face value I acknowledge this concept sounds silly. This isn’t even getting into the fact that a multitude of factors (in my mind) that go into classifying an event as such. For example, in order to separate divine timing from coincidence, I would say the divine timing should have had or will have a prominent impact on one’s life in some fashion. Also, it’s important to note that divine timing is not the same as deja-vu, although I suppose a deja-vu moment could occur in a moment of divine timing.

It would be easy to share several instances of deja vu I’ve experienced over the years. But let’s be honest, everyone and their great uncle pepper has experienced that at some point. That’s not to say a deja vu moment can’t be divine timing for some, but usually I’ve found deja vu to be more of a way the universe, god, goddess the force, whatever, reminding us that we’re on our path. maybe it’s also a moment when the majority of ourselves across dimensions briefly synchronize, but that’s more difficult to put into words.

What I’m trying to say is we’ve all experienced deja vu, but there’s something larger and more mystical at play with divine timing. While I can’t really put a definition into words, I can share several examples of what I believe illustrates divine timing that has happened in my life.

One of the most prominent examples I can share about divine timing involves a decision by my 8th grade English teacher that has influenced my entire life. You see, my 8th grade teacher had decided to start an after-school poetry club of sorts and invited several students, including myself to participate. Now in and of itself this may not seem like a big deal, but when I spoke to this teacher years later, I found out that was the first and only time she has ever done something like that in her entire teaching career! Like, essentially just a random decision on her part coupled with her counseling and encouragement of my poetry skills set things into motion that would make me the person I am today; a traveling poet who’s self-published 3 books of poetry with nearly a thousand followers in insta. What!? That’s some fucking divine timing.

Another example of divine timing involves a way more recent example that revealed itself to me in the beginning weeks of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Until roughly two years ago, the art goddess and myself were living the #travelingartist #gypsylife. Together we traveled to a farm in Indiana and also a hostel in New Mexico. Separately, she’d traveled to London and India while I traveled to Egypt and Canada. We both acknowledge that we’ve been incredibly fortunate and blessed to have had these opportunities, but we were looking to settle for a spell and get out stuff together for our next big adventure. So we ended up putting down some roots in Texas. That was two years ago.

Like, what are the odds that within 2 years after the goddess and I moved to Texas and kinda sorta settled some roots with a condo and a job a pandemic would strike? I’m actually grateful I’m where I am instead of traveling around doing work exchanges in the U.S. (or the world) while holding strong with the goddess of 4 years, living in a San Antonio condo working at a place where I’m considered an “essential worker” and therefore can continue to make money while potentially millions of Americans are suddenly out of jobs? That’s some fuckin’ divine timing! Please note, I’m not in any way trying to rub my job or salary in anyone’s face. I’m merely expressing my gratitude that I am able to have this job (and some stability) amidst this unrelenting chaos. I’ve read & heard stories of those in brand new relationships who’ve had to lock down, and while I appreciate their fortitude and commitment, I know myself well enough to understand that would have added an extra level of stress if I’d been in that situation, which I could have been if I hadn’t met the goddess 4 years ago.

Right now, I can’t even imagine traveling. The Goddess and I have spoken several times about how it’s literally amazing that we’ve both managed to do the amount of traveling we did up until this point because, we both recognize that traveling is never going to look the same again. Hell, we’ve even traveled by train a few times, and the coronavirus pandemic has forced Amtrak to close hundreds of stations all over the U.S. So many of the things we did in the last several years are not able to be done now. Even American passports are practically useless for the time being since we can’t get our shit together.

Again, I don’t want any of what I’m saying to be misconstrued as bragging. I’m just trying to acknowledge that at this moment in time I’m extremely fortunate to have a job, have a roof over my head while living with the goddess and not having to worry about some of the things we’ve had to worry about in our past travels.

There are other, more personal examples of divine timing between myself and several friends I wish I could share. But they involve invoking some deeply personal stories of these friends, which I feel is inappropriate for me to share.

Another, albeit slightly sad event that illustrates divine timing (and an example that doesn’t involve my life) is the fact that Chadwick Boseman, died on Jackie Robinson Day and the anniversary of the march on Washington.

Also, for the record, I can understand where some may find these examples as nothing more than illustrations of coincidence. I acknowledged that could be all it is too. I’m not the type of person to believe there are no coincidences, because there definitely are legitimate coincidences that happen (the whole Lincoln-Kennedy connection comes to mind). But still, I’ve found that divine timing is often one hell of a coincidence. The timing and effect of these events have had lasting impacts on my life. Even then, these examples of potential coincidence that have had a profound impact on my life still deserve to be celebrated in some way, which I’m hoping illustrates why I write about them in the first place.

But I didn’t just write this to share my experiences. I wrote this to encourage other to look back at their lives thus far and see if they can spot an potential examples of divine timing.

I’m nether a spiritual guru nor an expert on these types of things. But like many others, I’m a fan of movies, and sometimes take notice of and become inspired by certain patterns or themes I see in them. So, I writes, in hopes that others get inspired and maybe feel inclined to speak up as well. Feel free to read more of the patterns that I notice on Medium or check out my website to learn more about myself and what I do.



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