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To those of you who have known me in the past, from my spontaneous journey through Egypt, my epic synchronistic summers in Toronto, or even in the wild southwest adventures in New Mexico.

Hi there. It’s been a while. Too long really, and for that I am truly sorry. I’ve tried staying in contact with some of you. But after a while, you know how it is, life gets funky… hustlin’ picks up, the journey continues. …

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We Need to Talk

Look, I understand how we, as individuals and mildly sovereign beings, will do and think as each sovereign individual pleases, ideally so far as it doesn’t hurt others. However, herein lies a problem. I think this partly where frustrations of many in my weirdo millennial generation are congealing. …

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If one were to mention the phrase “spiritual movie,” there’s a good chance many folks might think of something from the Wachowskis like The Matrix Trilogy or Cloud Atlas.

Others (including monks), might mention the literally timeless movie Groundhog’s Day that some (including monks, according to the film’s director Harold Ramis) would point to as an example of something akin to "Zen,” or maybe even spiritual.

I love all those movies. But I’m certain most wouldn’t even think to compare a black and white movie that premiered in 1950 as an example (or is perhaps the zenith) of a “Zen" movie experience. The film I’m referencing is Harvey, the classic movie staring James Stewart and Josephine Hall (who won the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for her role in this movie). …

An interactive poem about the whitewashing of history.

As the white facade fades from pages
we see how far ingrained systemic racism extends;
how it wasn’t just white men
who helped us race to space

or melt faces with dropped techno bases.
Even the rebel rousing progressive beatniks
seemed to skip over the black poet
who coined their movement
The deteriorating white ink shrinks
upon the crowned king of rock n roll
to better see the the Ma that got the blues
and the Big Momma from which he stole
while Tulsa, Oklahoma still smells the burnt aroma
of their paragraphs caught in a massive back-draft
as white lines in Wilmington, North Carolina’s pages
are are only now beginning to fade
yet their communities are far from the only ones
to see their page numbers in history expunged,
like those who built Phoenix in Arizona’s scalding sun
or even the the omission of black Mexicans. …

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Detailing mistakes the News Media claims to have learned from back in back in 2016

Despite doing a story on this in 2016, some of this information bares repeating, because as I said earlier, the news media has clearly not learned the lessons many in that community claimed they were seeking. What’s perhaps most frustrating is how blatantly open news media owners were in 2016 about why they gave Donald Trump tons of free airtime. according to one Forbes article, “Across ABC, CBS and NBC, Trump’s campaign received 822 minutes of airtime between January 1 and Labor Day [2016], according to the Tyndall Report, while Clinton attracted just 386 minutes.” …

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But Neither Is A Global Pandemic

It’s cumbersome, sometimes hard to breathe, and it feels weird to have to wear a mask in public places.

But I still wear one when I go grocery shopping. …

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Dear “Yeah, but…” Culture, Your Time Dominating Culture and History is Coming to an End

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This story originally appeared on the blog Enlightenment is Sexy back in 2015. It has since been edited slightly from its original version in order to fit the format of this Medium story and reflect more current events.

Cosby. Hogan. His HolinessSanders.

These high-profile names reflect just a few of the many well-known persons others might have (or still do) consider heroes. …

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Learning to Not Get Caught Up in Binary Thinking

It may shock you to know that I’ve figured it out! All my years of research have allowed me to finally... FINALLY uncover what’s really, totally and truthfully happening all over the world! Once you see it, it can’t be unseen. I’m happy to share that I’ve managed to piece all the breadcrumbs together after years of watching youtube videos, parsing through blogs of reputable knowledge seekers like myself and combing through message boards.

I don’t even know where to begin. It’s... it’s shocking at how connected these different events truly are. You probably wouldn’t believe me even if I told you. But, you know what they say; the truth is stranger than fiction. …

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It probably comes as no surprise to many, but living the #writerslife of a #travelingpoet isn't always easy. Sometimes, it involves living in confined spaces, getting a job for little money or doing a work exchange type deal. In the midst of all that, it also means coming up with creative ways to acquire and make food. With the exception of a few monks who claim to eat sunlight, I’m pretty sure just about everyone else can agree that food is an essential part of being alive. Like music or art, food is a universal language.

Recently I’ve noticed how I’ve actually started appreciating food more. Believe it or not, I used to just eat because I felt it was something I had to do. I didn’t think about it. Maybe some of that appreciation has stemmed from the fact that I’ve been fortunate to work on some farms and gardens, getting to see the whole process of food from seed to table. Maybe some of it is because in my experimentation with different meditations, I took a week to try mindful eating. Now I’m much more mindful of how I eat and also with whom I share my meals. I think about that a lot now. …


Bryce Post

is a writer that always seems to be working on at least five different projects while attempting to share musings and revelations on a regular-ish basis.

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